Nashville - Midtown Community Information

Boasting a population of over one and a half million, the Nashville metropolitan area is a vibrant, prosperous and exciting place to live. As "The Home of Country Music," Nashville has an interesting history, a flourishing economy and thrilling nightlife. Possibly its second claim to fame, the city is also the location of numerous colleges and universities, a fact that has earned Nashville the extra nickname of "Athens of The South."

In addition to the music industry, Nashville's thriving economy is supported in large part by the field of health care and of course tourism, since thousands of visitors each year come from all over to the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Grand Ole Opry and the CMA Music Awards, among many other musical attractions and events.

An excellent transportation infrastructure, great schools and southern hospitality are just a few of the qualities that give Nashville such a high quality of life. Developers are building condominiums and flats in and around Midtown so that residents can shop, workout and enjoy a convenient lifestyle in one of Nashville's most sought after neighborhoods.